Social Networking

Connect members of your team to encourage greater collaboration and improve communication.

Building connections between your users allows your company to shore valuable information, keep everyone in the loop and ensure that all your users feel part of the team.

Enterprise Social Networks such as Yammer, sometimes referred to “Facebook at work”, allow users within an organisation or team to share ideas, ask questions and post information that is relevant to other users.

Including a Social Feed component in your custom web application means that your users can connect directly in the app that they use every day. There’s no need to log in to another site, plus you can link posts in your Social Feed directly to objects in your app. For instance, comments, questions and ideas about a customer can be attached directly to the customer’s record making them accessible to all your users.


Events provide an opportunity to connect with your team face-to-face. From café catch-ups to seminars, making time to meet with your team will help build relationships and share information.



Sharing images with your team is a great way to quickly gather feedback and comments. Images can be anything from screen shots of problems you’re trying to solve, or charts showing the latest sales figures.



The web is a great source of information that your users can explore and share. Discuss the latest trends, share important news articles or the latest industry information with your team.